6am Writing Sessions

February 11, 2018
Kate Marillat
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This is me, in the She-Cave for a 6am writing session.

On social media I see, (and am also guilty of) posting arty shots of embossed notebooks, fountain pen scrawls, coffees with a heart froth all trying to convey the writing life.

In actual fact, the reality, for me, is about creeping out of bed, shuffling down the stairs in my slippers and Winnie the Pooh dressing gown, desperate not to wake the kids.

The click of the kettle, the whirring of the laptop, lighting a candle and promising myself not to ‘work’ but focus on the manuscript.

Quite often I have to tap (use EFT) and set a timer to get into flow.

When I lie in bed, in the dark, and ponder whether I actually want to get up, I have one mantra…

This Matters, Your Writing Matters

I started these 6am stints in June with a new belief in my writing. I now have 65,000 words of a powerful story and I hope to have the first draft finished by Christmas.

This is my reality of working on a book, sowing the words, ploughing the paragraphs and keeping the focus on the page. Staying close to the story.

It’s not pretty, it has no filter.

If writing, telling stories, sharing messages is one of your life purposes – not for any other reward just that you know you have to do it – then can you make the time?

Maybe it’s not writing.

Maybe it’s something else that makes your heart burst with gratitude and even if the rest of the day is filled with cleaning, laundry sorting and a rainy school run, you go to bed knowing you did *that* thing which means something to you.

That gives your life meaning.