7 Ways To Tap Effectively At Home

I mentor a number of EFT practitioners and also see clients who are new to tapping. In between their sessions, I ask them to tap for at least 60 minutes a week.

That brings up lots of questions and blocks whatever their experience level:

  • Is that 10 minutes a day or one long session?
  • What should I start tapping on first?
  • How do I know I’m doing it right?
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I can’t find any time to tap

My first answer is that you must find a way that suits you and don’t be rigid about it.

It might be 10 minutes a day to ease you into a routine, and in one short session you might tap into (pun intended) a golden nugget that feels good to follow and clear.

We all tap differently; loud, silently, fast, slow, and using different senses.

There will be times of rage when your tapping might be hard, fast and done through angry tears, and times when you are quietly searching for something to work on.

However you get started, if you are commited to becoming proficient in tapping, then it’s important to make the time for it.

If you are new to tapping, remember it’s a new skill you are learning, a new way of being and clearing that you are adjusting to. Part of the beauty of tapping is that once you’ve learnt it, you can use it forever, by yourself – you won’t need anyone else. It’s worth putting the hours in.

Perhaps you are having sessions or swaps with a practitioner. By doing personal practice, it will help you move through your issues much more quickly. Plus it will give you insights into your behavior and beliefs, and illuminate where the blocks are. You can then take this to your practitioner for the big deep stuff. 

I often felt like I was groping in the dark back in the early days when I learnt to tap so I wrote this article to give you ideas of how you can make tapping part of your life.

1)   Be specific

As the godfather of tapping himself, Gary Craig said, “for results to be terrific, it’s best to be specific.”

It can be overwhelming when we have a zillion things we want to work on. Do you tap on your marriage troubles? Wayward child? Increasing your cashflow? Back pain?

Start where you are.

Close your eyes.

Breathe deeply – in for 6, out for 6. Tune into your own awareness and simply ask:

“What do I need to clear today?’

An answer will come up.

Start there.


2)   Focused Subjects

Another way of making sure that you are being specific is focusing on one particular area for a number of sessions. For example, if the flow of money is an issue – then make a commitment that you’ll work on your money blocks for a month.

You could even write down your beliefs about money, rate them and then re-rate at the end of the month.

Example of a rating:

I have to work hard for money

–       say this out loud, then rate how true this is for you. E.g. 10 is totally true, 0 is not true at all)

I find that taking ratings (or SUDS) levels helps to keep us on track & feel damn good about the time we are taking for our self-development.


3)   Use a Programme

There are some brilliant tapping courses and programmes out there and this is a sure fire way of keeping you focused.

Here’s some great ones I recommend

–       Margaret Lynch 

The Secret of Intentional Wealth

Rich in content and tapping audios that cover all areas of abundance from debt, fear of success and failure. She also has some pretty damn hot products – (I just got lost for minute checking them out.)

–       Jack Canfield & Pamela Bruner

Tapping into Ultimate Success

If you’ve got the time, this is a great programme that covers all bases. Perfect for the beginner

–       Carol Look

Carol Look’s Store

I’ve used Carol’s weightloss EFT programme a few years ago and she really does give good content. Just checked out her page and wowzer, there are some awesome products on there and I’ve just bought one! Review coming soon


4)   Join a tapping group

I love tapping in a group and this is where I learnt most of my skills. There is nothing like live tapping with an audience. There are lots of groups popping up all the time. A great way to find a group is through meetup.com. Simply search for a group near you.

You can also join tapping groups online. I host four a month.

The Matrix Collective Consciousness has over 200 members and we tap on important themes every month.

You could also join my Tap and Write group – awesome if you want to get to the desk and do some writing!

EFT Practitioners – you could always start a group near you? 

Here is a training webinar that you can use to help you get started.

Click Here


5)   Use a written or audio script to get you going!

Just as there are lots of programmes on the market, there are also lots of places you can find scripts to get you going.

The key with a script is NOT to just say the words and go through the motions. You want to tune into the words to see how they feel for you. Speak them slowly, always returning to how you feel in your body. If one phrase brings up strong emotion, stay with it, say that phrase as many times as you want in as many different ways.

Then go off script – dig deeper, be your own practitioner, be an emotional detective…why does this make you feel like this? What is it about that phrase that triggers you? What does it remind you of?

My all-time favourite scripts are in the 21 day programme by Jemima Eames.

Gosh, I love this woman’s voice, so eloquent, calm and gentle. Each day you get a new audio that you sit and tap to. As Jemima is a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner she reminds you to constantly tune back into your body and make time to work on things that come up.

Her script on ‘Not feeling good enough’ has had me in floods of tears on more than one occasion. Plus when you’ve done the 21 days where you are drip fed the audios, you have the entire collection at your disposal. For £21 it’s a great investment – go here to buy it.

Other written scripts I’ve used for myself, clients and groups are from the book, The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner. And when I’m dealing with emotional eating, which for me raises its head (or should that be hand!) quite often, then Jessica Ortner’s book Tapping Solution for Weight loss and Body Confidence is second to none.

I find it easier to go off-script with written or audio scripts rather than video – but that’s my personal choice. You can also check out YouTube for visual tapping sessions. 


6)   Personal Peace Procedure

This was developed by Gary Craig and I found it very helpful when I first started tapping, Essentially you make a whole list of life events that you’d like to work on and clear. It’s great to have a go-to list of things to work on. For details of how this works, hop over here:


7)   Self-care Time

For me personally, my tapping time has evolved into self-care time. I have a swap almost every week to work on big blocks that have come up for me. Working with a practitioner will shine the light on the blocks that you hide from yourself. 

Yet, the most important tapping time in my life is included in my half hour a day self-care. This might be tapping, chanting, meditation or simply lying in a hot bath doing some visualization. When I make time for tapping, I’ll light a candle, possibly some incense and create a haven for myself. Often tapping precedes my meditation as it’s a great way to clear the mind and focus. 

Here is an interview and tapping session I did with the excellent Brad Yates where we talk and tap with a live audience.

Click here

So, there we have it, 7 ways to effectively tap at home. Id love to hear your thoughts on how you incorporate tapping into your life so please find me on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/katemarillat/ or comment below.

Much love and creative flow,

Kate x

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Great post Kate, definitely bookmarking this one 🙂

Very helpful post! you”ve given me excellent ideas to use with my clients. I’ve been thinking of ways I can get them to tap in between sessions. Thanks, Jean

Melba Bingeman
February 3, 2016 2:27 pm

Great information. Would be nice to work with a group. I live in Ontario, Canada. Near Stratford. Haven’t found anyone who does EFT so far. Would be nice to be able to help myself more and others that I see that could benefit from EFT. thanks for what you are doing and sharing. Melba

Wowser! (As you said of others’ websites…same goes for this post!) I love how there seems to be a collective energy in these circles of generosity of information, that you’re also passing on. It’s got to be good for the greater collective consciousness too! Plus I love your honesty too- we really are all in similar boats!! Now, I’m inspired to go blog too! Thanks Kate for all your brilliant insightful communications! XX

Yvonne Davey-Croft
June 28, 2016 5:22 am

Thanks Kate, great blog with so many useful links.
The love and support I feel within the community is helping me leap rather crawl as a EFT Practitioner making it easier to be the best I can be.
Love an gratitude x