8 Super Survey Questions

If you were one of the people that answered the survey and asked me a question – thank you! Unfortunately I couldn’t answer you directly as it was anonymous. However, what I’ve done is created this page with all of those questions and my answers underneath. So, have a scan and see what I’ve said. 

For my own pre-teen boys, do you think another person(practitioner) would be best at helping them to re-imprint some limiting beliefs. As the parent I can sometimes look back at situations that may have cast me as the cause of the problem. You know, getting angry at them for doing something destructive etc. I’m not sure where to start looking…

As a parent, first and foremost do your work around your own limiting beliefs. Always work on how you feel about your children, what you might have done differently looking back. Clear this first and get into a place of peace, so that you know you did the best you could at the time. You can do surrogate matrix work, where you tap on your children in the matrix and this can have great effects.  When working on my children I tend to work with another practitioner as I have big blind spots. When you are not in a rush to ‘fix’ them, after all, they are perfect just the way they are then I would ask them if they’d like to work with someone else. If you do decide to go ahead with that, then you can find a practitioner on the Matrix Reimprinting website. Remember to ask if they have their security clearance for working with children  if you want to have face to face sessions. If that isn’t possible they can always use Skype with a practitioner. Have a look at my booking page if you feel I’d be be a good fit.

Please Help with surrogate tapping; tapping and prayer( I tap with prayer;do other people?)

Practice surrogate tapping with another practitioner. Arrange a swap session. Start the session with the intention that you want to help this person with X. Call in  your guides if that feels right for you. I often end my tapping sessions with a prayer and recently I’ve been tapping whilst chanting. It’s part of my self-care half hour that I aim to do every day.

Honestly, I do not think I ever read your book,can I gain assess now?

You sure can! It’s the best-selling Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life. EFT Tapping using Matrix Reimprinting. It’s also now published in French. Buy it here at Amazon

[How can I] Blend EFT/Matrix more organically into my hypnotherapy practice?

I recommend getting some business coaching with a session specifically on niching. Ruby McGuire is a great coach who I work with. Also, if coaching is out of your budget right now, then I suggest Susie Shelmerdine’s new book ‘Your EFT Business’ as this has some great ideas and exercises in it.

I’d like new ideas for discipline on writing (including procrastination and perfectionism)

Here are some new ideas and practical solutions! set a timer for 25 minutes, sit down and write. If you find you are procrastinating then use EFT/Tapping to clear down the symptoms of stuckness. Find out what is going on behind the monkey mind, what beliefs you have. If you are trained in EFt/Matrix then do a swap on it, going to a future you that finds writing easy. If you aren’t trained there is a 50% discount voucher in the back of my book which you can use. Also, I have free tapping audios on my blog which you can download and tap along to for free. Give it a try and let me know how you got on.

How to get a book published

Ok, the first thing you need to do is actually write the book. Or at least the first 3 chapters with a strong outline and belief in it’s existence. Many people are so focussed on having a book that they forget the part of writing it. Which of course is the most important part. I believe that getting into creative flow, making the space for your writing to come forth from your heart enables this process to be MUCH easier. Sharing your writing with the world splits you open, exposes you in a different, and wonderful way. If  you have issues around judgement or perfectionism then it will hold you back from ever letting your work go. Remember that a book idea – is simply an idea until you write it. Books are a collaborative process, they are not the perfect product when you write them. They evolve from scribbles, notebooks, conversations, meditations and soul searching…and many hours at the desk. You have to be prepared for that. You wouldn’t run a marathon without any training; you need to do some sprints, limber up those writing fingers, start with publishing a 500 word post, then create longer pieces, share them, get used to other people reading your work and tap on all that it brings up. Focus on the love of writing, of having something deep and meaningful to share with the world that you, and only you can write.

Then, when you do have a book ready to be published and you have feedback telling you that its ready (and I don’t just mean your Mum!) I suggest doing some deep work on all your beliefs about what being published actually means for you. Getting to a place where you can visualise your success and feel congruent with it is important. I’ve worked with people who wrote rather unusual novels and still managed to get a high 5 figure advance with awards shortly following publication because they were prepared to do the ‘work’. The paradigms of publishing has changed, you already have the platform – just create the beliefs that support your writing rather than hinder it.

How can I increase my self-confidence

This is a biggie. Everyone will have their own blocks to confidence and often its our life’s work to find out why we remain in fear over certain issues. I’m guessing that you feel confident about some things in your life; can you concentrate on these right now?Plus, who are measuring yourself against? What is it that you want to feel confident about? I think people are most confident (or most alluring) when they stand in their power; they might do this quietly but you can feel the confident energy vibrating off them. We are conditioned to think that confidence is being loud and standing at the front. Actually, it’s often the opposite. It’s being yourself no matter what. Personally I’ve found that often the loudest are the ones who are least accepting of themselves. Practice going within and developing your inner confidence. Set aside a self-care half hour a day and use the tools you have to speak kindly to yourself – whether that’s tapping, chanting, meditation, dancing, singing, praying – mix it up. Let your inner confidence shine through.

 How can I get courage to launch my own EFT Business

Perhaps it’s not the right time to launch yet? Can you financially make mistakes and risk not having money coming in for a while. I think that people paining a spectacular picture of what it means to be an EFT practitioner are doing the hundreds of practitioners who are struggling an injustice. Worrying about money when you need clients sucks. I know, I’ve been there. I’ve made humoungous mistakes with marketing and advertising including going to my local gym and putting up posters of junk food with florescent arrows pointing to  them  in capitals shouting ‘I CAN HELP YOU’. Yes, that was me. I did that. There have been lean months and months where money flowed. I’m lucky that I had a nest egg from my corporate days that supported me. I’ve always worked another job – writing while I built my EFT Business. And it’s only now, with a Hay House best-seller and 5 years under my belt that it is supporting us. I don’t wish to sound doom and gloom as there are people who are making good money; their key has been niching into an area that has called their heart. When you go into business, suddenly you are the accountant, marketing director, sales team and CEO. It’s a good idea to have a firm structure of what and how you are going to run your business. I strongly recommend you get some business coaching or as above read Susie Shelmerdine’s book ‘Your EFT Business’.

How can I present EFT/Matrix Reimprinting to my local community

Start a meet-up group. I have a webinar on Setting up Tapping groups, email me if you want access to it. Get in front of people and do talks. The first few will be nerve-wracking and then you will get better. Keep talking about it, be the example, shine your light and others will want to know ‘what’s she got, I want some of that’. Be prepared to talk openly about it when asked. Tell people what it’s done for your clients. Make it funny – that always works for me, in fact my standard line is; “I know it sounds nuts right! Tapping on these points only body, I mean when I first saw it, I nearly ran. But you know what, i wanted to change more than I cared about what people thought of me. And it worked.’

Thanks for sending your questions in, if you’ve got a burning question that you’d like me to answer and think other people would benefit from reading, then send it across and I’ll add more to this list

Much love and creative flow xx


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