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I’m so pleased to meet you, to learn about your dreams, encourage you to make time for your creativity, your goals, your emotional wellbeing and the joyful flowing moments that make you smile from your heart to your lips. 

We all absorb information in various ways so here are my: 

Circle Points

The Official Bio

My open-hearted letter

Read all three,  pick just one, skim them, absorb them, study them – whatever works for you. 

The Circles:
  • I’m an author of a widely acclaimed self-help book. Yet I’m more than an author, I’m a writer – I LOVE writing and I’ve been practicing my craft for over a decade. 
  • As well as books, I write blogs, ebooks, fiction, haikus, scripts and funny sketches.
  • I’m a EFT’er / Tapper Extrodinaire and EFT & Matrix Re imprinting Trainer
  • I love having plenty of creative projects on the go
  • I work around 20 hours a week and I’ll never work full-time.  I could easily be a work-a-holic but I choose to prioritise my own self-care. 
  • I am blessed with my delicious family which includes my magical husband (he actually does do magic tricks) and our boys, Kieran who is 4 and Sebastian who is 18 months.
  • I am high energy human bean. I’m like the duracell bunny – I keep on going.
  • I’ve previously worked for a brewery…yep, that’s selling beer. For a long time I loved this job and I was bloody good at it. Sales targets and rewards, free beer, and great team to work with. But there was a burning desire inside of me to write. Luckily I found EFT and Matrix Re imprinting which were the tonic that woke me up. 
  • Since taking that tonic, I quit my corporate job, and focussed on writing and tapping. I set up a freelance writing business and was published by publishing giants, Hay House. Plus I trained in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and worked with hundreds of clients, ran Tapping groups, facilitated workshops, retreats and am now focussed on the world of online webinars. 
  • In 2008 I lived in Paris for 6 months to focus on writing. Cue lots of croissants and lofty walks. 
  • I have an English and Media degree and LOVE learning about new ways to connect with people. 
  • Gut feeling is big for me. I can’t do anything unless it feels ‘right’ in my Soul. My best decisions (even when they looked crazy) were the ones when I tuned in to my gut.
  • I’m a prolific writer and can write quickly and efficiently. This has come with practice and a few tools I’ve learnt along the way. 
  • Creativity is my mot d’jour. I can’t live without it, I feel dried up.
  • I live in a little suburb outside the sea-facing-town Brighton; THE best town in the UK. Seriously. It’s like a mini-London by the sea, has a huge gay population and the sea. Did I mention it’s by the sea?
  • I’ve created a life where I can work the hours that suit me and my family, is bursting with creativity, connection and self-care.


My open-hearted Letter


My Life hasn’t always looked like this. I’m a normal human being who has lived through their fair share of traumas and blessings. 

I used to feel like an emotional ship who sailed through life with no hand on the wheel.  I was a victim of my emotions, and I’d often wake up thinking ‘how did that happen?” I knew I was capable, I was confident, I could write and connect with people, but I lacked self-belief and constantly judged myself.

I hid my sensitivity and formed a very hard shell. I escaped from myself in anyway I could, with any substance that took me away from reality.

I was lucky I finally found the pill that woke me up. My pill, my tonic was Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting. I suddenly realised that there was so much more to life, that I was so much more. That I was a living breathing energy system who has responsibility for her own reality. Using these techniques I could manage my emotions so that they didn’t control me. I looked deep at my core beliefs and transformed them. 

What I also knew, but was scared to admit was that I needed to create, to write, to be in flow.

To make time for that magical space when the world stops and I’m creating something from my soul. Flow feels effortless. We can always be in flow, but we disconnect from this stream of joy through the jostles of daily life. Being in a state of flow also means that you are in a place where you can channel information; the words come quicker than you can type them, the strokes of your paintbrush are automatic.

When we set ourselves apart from the flow, we can feel stuck, unimaginative, overwhelmed, just another hamster on the bill-paying wheel of life.

I am the flow. You are the flow. We are the flow. It moves through us. 

My work in this world, my mission is to help people manage their emotional wellbeing and make time for flow. 

If you ask a room of 30- year old women who can draw, chances are only 5% will put their hand up. Ask a room of 5 year olds and a sea of hands will shoot towards the ceiling. Somewhere along the way we lost our creative belief. I am here to help people get back to that feeling of joy, to make it damn well OK to nourish our creative past-times whatever they are. 

What are your dreams and passions? What were the hobbies you loved as a child that don’t have time for anymore?

If you could do one creatively self-caring act for yourself today, what would it be?

Mine would be to write five minutes of fiction on the beach near my house, flask of Earl Grey tea within reach and stretching out cat-like on a soft blanket. 

Tomorrow it might be getting out my paints and glitter, making a dream-board collage, writing a blog post or editing a new ebook I’m writing. 

We don’t live in a vacuum and my journey into writing, self-love and spirituality has developed because of the relationships I’ve invested in, the connections I’ve made, books I’ve read and teachers I’ve listened to. 

Most of all though it’s showing up and doing my work. Being committed, disciplined. A disciple to myself. 

I truly believe that this work of honouring our creativity and emotional wellbeing is one of the most important things we can do. 

I’m so committed to helping you do just that…creating, feeling good, releasing your gifts into the world and living the life you dream of. 

You don’t have to believe in miracles. Just believe in yourself. You are the miracle. 


The Official Bio

Kate Marillat is a mentor to women who want to take time for themselves and the things that really light them up. An advocate for creativity and emotional wellbeing, she empowers people to transform their lives by making these two components a priority.  She is an author, blogger, EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner and Trainer, Creativity workshop & retreat leader. 

“It takes only one loving thought to undo an entire belief system based on fear.  Let Karl and Kate show you how.”

Robert Holden Ph.D., author of Happiness NOW and Shift Happens!

Her musings on emotional wellbeing have been featured in Natural Health and Soul & Spirit Magazine. As well as being featured on Hay House’s Blog Heal Your Life, with a background as a professional blogger her inspiring articles can be found all over cyber space. 

As an advanced EFT practitioner and trainer, Kate has worked with hundreds of clients from busy mothers, yoga teachers, best-selling authors, journalists, marketing gurus, social workers, bankers, students and fitness experts to help them move from a place of fear to living the a life they dream of. 

The result of this ripples out from their hearts to their families, work-places and beyond. When a woman makes her own emotional wellbeing and self-care a priority, it affects everyone she comes into contact with. 

“Words cannot describe how good it feels to have finally presented! I could not have achieved it without your unbelievable coaching, support and energy. You are a blessing and I am so very grateful to you! I amazed myself and the whole experience felt as if it was an out of body experience – truly wonderful! I feel like a changed person coming through the other side. You gave me the power and confidence to believe in myself, to overcome fear and stand up with my heart on my sleeve.”

“The anxiety was 100% ruling my life when I first came to see Kate. But the anxiety is now down to about 20% and I’m so much happier and more relaxed. I used to be a glass half empty type person, but now I see the glass full! This is the first thing that’s worked in 15 years.”

Previously Kate worked her way up the corporate ladder ignoring the inner voice that told her to sit at the desk and write. EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting were the catalysts that helped her change her beliefs and emotionally destructive habits.

Within a few years, she’d left her job, set up a successful writing business, published an e-book and been awarded a contract with publishing giants Hay House. In that time she was prolific in her use of EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting, married the man of her dreams and had consciously home-birthed their two sons. 

Kate’s widely anticipated book, Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life that she co-authored with EFT Founding Master Karl Dawson, has been endorsed by such luminaries as Bruce Lipton PhD, Robert Holden PhD, and New York Times Best-Selling authors, Lynne McTaggart, Jessica Ornter, Sonia Choquette and Donna Gates. 

Companies I’ve blogged for and Places I’ve been featured: