Are You a Confident Writer?

September 12, 2014
Kate Marillat
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On the page you need to be convincing, confident and propel the reader along with your words, but how about reading your work at an open mic night? Does your heart do a tap dance when you think about getting feedback on your opening chapter? Do you blush, stammer or stare at the floor when the literary spotlight is upon you?

Many artistic folk struggle with their self-belief or should we say, their limiting beliefs that plague them throughout their career. Even the literary peacocks who don big hats, grow French moustaches, paint their faces ghostly white and simply adore being on stage can also suffer from a confidence deficit when it comes to their work.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a peacock or like the majority of writers, a shy retiring type, but it is vitally important that you have true belief in your writing. Ever heard the adage, ‘What you put out there is what you get back?’ If you’re not confident about your work, then how can your readers, agents or publishers believe in it? Anyone who knows even a tiny bit about the Law of Attraction will understand that it’s important to take note of the feelings you are sending out into the world.

Test your subconscious confidence by attending literary events and listen to other writers read to a large audience. Imagine yourself on stage with only a microphone for company. How does that feel? Could you feel confident and capable up there? Do you (or your work) feel good enough to share with the world?

Looking at someone on stage might remind you of a negative experience that you’ve had. The language of the subconscious is pictures and if you had to run through the event like a movie, would it bring up some negative emotions? If your answer is yes, then this needs to be looked at, let go of, in order to pave the way for more fulfilling experiences. Otherwise the subconscious will be replaying that negative experience which will in turn attract similar events. Not to mention, it feels crap and wouldn’t you rather feel excited anticipation about sharing your work with an audience?

Is it time for some feedback? There comes a point that every writer thinks – Is this actually any bloody good? This is natural and receiving feedback to validate the hours you’ve been spending on your masterpiece will boost your confidence. Of course it’s important to pick your reader wisely and to be specific about the type of feedback you want. Remember there a million different ways to write a book, but only YOU can write it your way. Giving your work to others is a bit like giving away a little part of your soul and nerves are sure to be high. But, there is a difference between being nervous and being totally overcome with debilitating fear. Some writers suffer with such fear about their work being read that they never receive any vital confidence-boosting feedback.

The good news is that there are many techniques that can help you release negative energy and write new exciting patterns for the future. Don’t believe me? Read some of these testimonials here. If you’d like to boost your writing confidence then sign up to one of my workshops or contact me for individual sessions. I guarantee results.

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