Case Study: Future Matrix Work – Clearing Patterns from the Past and for the Future

March 2, 2020
Kate Marillat
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Meet Jasmine, who attended a 13-week parenting course that Matrix Practitioner Erika Brodnock was running.

This is Erika’s account:

‘Initially Jasmine was angry and hostile and didn’t interact with the group much but did join in with the tapping circle. After a few weeks, however, she came in and announced that the tapping stuff was really working for her.

She confirmed to the group that she had been addicted to class A drugs for a number of years and that she wanted to stop so that she didn’t lose her children, as the threat of losing them along with everything else she had already lost in life was unbearable. I used Matrix Reimprinting with Jasmine, who explained that the reason she used drugs was that when she was younger she’d fallen in love with a man who had raped her, beaten her, then forced her to prostitute herself.

As her tears flowed, we went back to the first time she had been raped by him and worked on that ECHO. We closed that session having taken the ECHO to a place of safety and I offered to work with Jasmine the following day and thereafter weekly until she had been able to rewrite her past and transform her future.

Over the next eight months Jasmine and I worked together weekly on ECHOs that had been through some of the most traumatic things I had ever heard. Each week, no matter what the gravity of the trauma or the age of the ECHO, we were able to find resolution. Jasmine had the core belief that she was dirty and soiled. This came up time and time again through her ECHOs and as we cleared and transformed that belief it was beautiful to see Jasmine begin to love and care for her body, health, hair and appearance.

Soon her skin was less sallow and eyes less sunken as she gained weight and revealed a new identity. By the time we drew our sessions to a close, Jasmine was a trained EFT practitioner, working with her children to transform as many memories as she could. I called Jasmine just before submitting this case study (2015) as I hadn’t spoken to her in several months. She is happy and well and has not used heroin or methadone since July 2010. Her children are also well and thriving and they have a mum they can look up to.’

Thank you Erika for this case study. Using Matrix Reimprinting really does transform lives. If you’d like to experience Matrix Reimprinting, do get in touch at or go to this page and sign up to watch a talk about it.