Case Study: Releasing child-related fear and guilt using surrogate tapping

March 2, 2020
Kate Marillat
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In the Matrix, all selves, past, present and future, are accessible.

It is the same with our children.

Once you’re in the Matrix you can bring your child in, communicate with them and tap on them to see how they feel about the situation.

Meet Sadie and her 18-month-old daughter, Tamsin. When Tamsin was six months old, Sadie left her with a new childminder for two mornings a week over a period of a month. She had checked out the childminder’s references and knew she had an Irish wolfhound, and felt worried about the big dog being around her daughter. However, the childminder had promised her that the dog would never be in the same room when Tamsin was there.

Like many new mums, Sadie was nervous about leaving her daughter and returning to work, and decided to visit the childminder unannounced so she could check up on the quality of care her child was receiving. When she arrived, the childminder looked worried and when Sadie went into the kitchen she found Tamsin strapped into a buggy, the television on and the dog pounding around the room.

Immediately she froze, grabbed Sadie and left without a word, never to return. The worry that Sadie had about what harm might have come to her child ate away at her for over a year before she worked on it with her Matrix Reimprinting practitioner.

They went back to the scene and tapped on Sadie for her guilt and fear that something else might have happened. The childminder had two teenage sons and Sadie had a deep fear that they might have abused her daughter in some way.

In the Matrix, baby Tamsin communicated to her mum that she’d been feeling scared as Mummy wasn’t there. She had huge separation anxiety and they tapped together to reduce the intensity of the emotions they both felt.

By releasing her guilt, Sadie shifted to a new perspective. She also spoke to the childminder in the Matrix and took practical action by sending a letter to the local childcare board reporting what had taken place.

Tamsin reassured her that nothing else had happened, she’d just been missing her mummy. The relief Sadie felt was visible on her face. She’d moved from guilt to knowing she’d done everything a responsible parent would. As well as checking up on the childminder, she knew she’d only employed her for a very short period of time and she felt good that she’d taken action quickly and rectified the situation.

This is just one example of surrogate tapping in the Matrix. What have you been able to release with surrogate tapping? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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