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8 Super Survey Questions

If you were one of the people that answered the survey and asked me a question – thank you! Unfortunately I couldn’t answer you directly as it was anonymous. However, what I’ve done is created this page with all of those…

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How to choose what blogs to write

Often it’s not the lack of ideas for blogging that holds us back. We have plenty to say. That might be the problem in itself. How do we choose what to write? What idea is the best? What if we…

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Finish that blog!

Got a file full of half-finished blogs? Does inspiration take you most of the way but do you often find yourself failing to edit or publish your work? Is it time to look a little deeper at what blocks are…

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Edit with Ease – Tapping Audio

I’m posting after another inspiring Blogging Power Hour this morning! People are always surprised at how much they write after clearing their resistance using EFT. Today we brainstormed some ideas, turned on our inspiration taps and then looked at our…

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Tapping audio for when you don’t feel good enough

July 9, 2015
Kate Marillat

What a brilliant Blogging Power Hour we had this morning. It was full of resistance, fear, the old ‘not-good-enough’ belief. We even had tears and big energy shifts so that people were able to move from fearing the blank page…

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