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The EFTMRA recognises that professional development is important, and that attending Practitioner Swap days (swap shops), Supervision days and the EFTMRA Online Swap Circle are key to gaining confidence, enhancing skills and building community for practitioners.

From June 2018, there is now a yearly EFTMRA Professional Development award.

These will be given out in December of the relevant year.

In order to receive an award for the year, you have to:

  • Attend either 4 in-person practitioner swap days (swap shops), the EFTMRA Supervision Days run by Karl Dawson (full day & currently only avaliable in the UK,┬áthe groups are found here)
  • Attend 8 online circles (Global and avaliable twice a month) here’s how the next dates of the EFTMRA Circle
  • Or a mixture of both
  • You will need to keep your own records and let Kate Marillat know when you’ve achieved the required amount – Email direct at katemarillat@gmail.com.

Once you have the award, you can put it on your website, or print it out and hang it in your therapy room with pride.

Please note, that in 2018 you only need to attend half of the official amount due to the award system being announced in June.. so that’s 2 in-person swap days or 4 EFTMRA Online Swap Circles.

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