EU Referendum Tapping

June 24, 2016
Kate Marillat
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Today we had the result of the referendum in the UK.

I spent the morning in tears, dissecting the result, reading the news, discussing it, and drowning in the field of fear.

Confused, worried, scared and angry.

It wasn’t the result I’d been hoping for.

I wanted to see the ‘bigger picture’, that indeed, paradigms have to collapse before they are built up again, but the anger and sadness was too strong.

I did what I always do when I can’t make sense of my emotions. I tapped (used EFT) and this time I invited some others to tap along with me.

I didn’t prepare, just put the baby down for his nap, chatted to my soul sister, and ate some lunch beforehand.

It was wonderful to have half an hour with like-minded souls who were also feeling hurt and disillusioned. I cried and shifted wth them.

We tapped on the shock of the result, the anxiety about the future, and used colour to soften the fear held in our bodies.

We felt much better afterwards.

Of course it doesn’t change the result, and it’s not saying ‘I’m not going to feel this, and look away.’

Actually I feel more fired up about being involved with politics than ever before. Yet, now I can do it from a heart centred place rather than drowning in fear. I can see that it there is hope, even though I don’t know what exactly.

It’s not polished, and I cry on this recording and breathe rather heavily – but, the world’s not perfect and neither am I.

So here you go, a 28 minute tap-along session releasing fears about the referendum.

Click Here and Download

I hope it might bring you some peace.

Also, here is a petition for a second referendum 


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