Free Your Inner Writer

November 28, 2016
Kate Marillat
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You think all that your project needs is a slight edit?

Sometimes that’s the case.

Other times, like this one – it’s not.

I wanted to edit my Creativity Workbook.

I did it all back to front.

I hired someone to create a cover.

Then I realised that the content wasn’t quite right.

10 hours of rewriting and editing later.

The cover needed changing.

The designer disappeared.

First independent proof read.

More edits.

Second proofread.

I realised that other parts were missing and spent another 5 hours on the content.

An excellent designer created a new cover around for me and I LOVE IT.

I spent a morning figuring out the lead page, the email automation, file downloads, mailing list and finally it is ready to go.

And all I thought it needed was a simple edit.

Two months after I started this project and I’m really proud of this guide to help people free their inner writer; An gentle nudge to listen to that voice that is telling you to write.

It’s also a good example of how the creative process is not linear, but takes a route you’d never have planned, giving you surprise gifts along the way.

But I’d never taken this route if I wasn’t committed to writing a rough first draft. First drafts are meant to be rough.

Take the first steps to writing yours today.




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