How to choose what blogs to write

Often it’s not the lack of ideas for blogging that holds us back. We have plenty to say.

That might be the problem in itself.

How do we choose what to write? What idea is the best? What if we get it wrong? Who are we to write it anyway? What if we get laughed at? What if someone criticses us or our writing?

What if we didn’t care enough to stop us writing?

This week on the Blogging Power Hour this is what came up. Firstly the fear of getting it wrong and secondly the anxiety that our writing would be laughed at or criticised. We moved through it together and got some great work done.

It’s these blocks that can stop us writing about the subjects we are passionate about. You don’t have to push through this alone, using Tapping can help you dissolve that fear and get those words on the page – and more importantly publish it for the world to read.

Here is the full movie version with two blogging prompts to get you going.

Here’s the audio only.

Enjoy your tapping and writing time.

P.S. Here is the link to Tap and Write

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