Thoughts on the Matrix Convention 2015

I’ve been thinking about the life-changing Matrix Reimprinting convention that I’ve just attended and re-reading my 33 pages of notes; black scrawl detailing sound-bytes, sketches and lots of little heart and star doodles.

I find it hard to update Facebook when I’m in it. I don’t want to live my life like that. I don’t want to be constantly taking pictures and making up pithy sayings – I want to LIVE it. For me, the musing and sharing comes later. Sometimes the sharing part doesn’t come. There is so much to say about this weekend and I may write a much longer piece, but here is the first part of how I feel it has touched me.

When Dr Bruce Lipton thanked us, the matrix practitioners, and validated the work we are doing., it brought many of us to tears. To hear this scientific pioneer proclaim that yes, you’ve got it! YOU understand that by working in the field, transforming beliefs, you are creating a foundation for a new world. And, he has the science to prove it.

Karl Dawson isn’t your regular self-help speaker. He doesn’t shy away from the big subjects that need talking about. He mentioned child abuse, death, and abortion. He led us through a revolutionary, and deeply healing group matrix for the Syrian refugee crisis, using the picture of the little boy that has haunted so many of us. Here is a man who was brave enough to stand there and try something new. He was able share his ‘stuff”, his ‘belief’, the key events in his life. I got a glimpse of Karl’s 11 year old ECHO in a parka on the edge of one of the most important events that changed the course of his life. As he said, it was ‘the belief time-bomb that exploded into the shrapnel of sub-beliefs’. He allowed himself to be seen, raw, and vulnerable. I’ve never seen him speak like this before and to say I was moved was an understatement. At the end of the conference we stood, we clapped and we roared the roof off. It was wonderful to see our teacher surrounded by his close family, and he was brought to tears by the love that we, his extended family, all feel for him. Thank you Karl for being our teacher and leading our community.

I also believe the measure of a good convention or training is how we integrate the learnings into our daily life. Today my cells are partying. I’m feeling so relaxed, so utterly ok to be me. We went to the park and I got on the swing and swung as high as I could. Normally I just sit there and give a little push and don’t let myself get too carried away…I mean, it’s a kids playground! Today I nearly flew off it and let the thrill soar through me as I was horizontal with the sky. I also forgot my sunglasses so I used Kieran’s Spiderman ones. Too small, too red and yes, people did stare. Who gives a shit? I kept hearing Robert Holden’s question from his talk; “What’s it like to be me when I’m not judging myself?” I let go of the judgement and giggled instead.

One of the main reasons it was such a life-changer electrifying weekend was being in room with the Matrix Community. Bruce Lipton summed it up with a key message: “evolution is not based on competition but cooperation” and that it is what is so special about matrixers – we want to cooperate!

There is much more to say about Bruce Lipton, the rawness and humour of Dr. David Hamilton, the wisdom of Robert Holden, the hilarity of Becky Walsh and the angelic Kyle Gray. For now though I’m off to bed, to read my sci-fi book and calming these cells down enough to sleep.

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Awesome, I so would have loved to be there, thank you for taking the time to share your experience and help us non attendees get a feel for the event.
Love and kindness


Thank you Julie. Love and Kindness back to you. xx


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