Intentions for a Nine Year Cycle

January 5, 2017
Kate Marillat
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It’s the 5th of January but it feels like new year’s day to me. In fact I’ve got a suspicion that I might feel this way for a while.

You may have had lots of Happy New Year emails already over the last week, telling you how to set intentions and plan for a successful year ahead.

Usually I’m firmly on this particular bandwagon and having a sing-along with the rest of the crew.

However this year feels different.

I keep hearing that a new nine year cycle begins in 2017.

I’ve discovered this through various Facebook posts and my wise soul sister Cat who knows a lot about numerology talked me through it last week.

I’m no expert on moon cycles or indeed the various systems that help us make sense of our time on this planet.

What I am an expert on is my own intuition and my own cycle – essentially what feels right in the bones of me.

Just as you are an expert on what feels right for you.

This nine year focus has swept me up into eye of its cyclonic planning glory.

For my first day back at the desk after a festive break, I spent five hours writing and exploring everything that has happened over the last nine years and also my dreams for the next nine.

I’ve made a simple list of the years 2007 – 2016 and wrote a one-word sentence or a couple of bullet points that summarised that year.

There was a ton of change.

I became a mother, a wife, a business owner, an author, a practitioner and most importantly I became conscious. I learnt how to tap (use EFT), discovered the Law of Attraction, began to meditate, became interested in alternative therapies and went on some shamanic journeys. Ultimately I took responsibility for my life.

I’m 36 next month. To some of you that will seem young, others it will seem old. To me, it seems surprising.

In this nine year cycle I’ll reach my 40th year. My boys will be 12 and 15 by the end. My husband will turn 50.

After deep journaling, I took a desk break and looked around my living room. My eye caught sight of the desk and tiny chair where Kieran sits and Sebastian’s brightly coloured toy garage and his little miniature cars cluttering up the floor.

Toys, school runs, broken sleep and constant responsibility can weigh heavy on a soul that craves freedom, but knowing that it’s part of a cycle: one that will change makes it so much more bearable.

Makes it so much more beautiful.

Those toys will be given away, bedroom doors will be closed, there will be more secrets and less questions and I won’t get woken up Every Single Night.

At the beginning of the last nine year cycle, I’d just been through the worst year of my life. I needed a life break and was running off to Paris to write a book. Unbeknownst to me, I’d also just met my husband. These decisions shaped the following nine years.

If someone had sat me down and said – “hey don’t worry, it’s the end of the cycle, you are starting a new one now”, it would have made those growing pains much easier to bear. I would also not be in such a rush, I would have given myself more time to let it unfold and follow the callings of my soul.

I’m sure your challenges are different to mine.

If you sketch out your last nine years, what patterns do you see? What were the overarching themes? What season of life are you in? A busy spring or a slower autumn? Was 2016 the end of a cycle?

So if you are struggling to set one year intentions, my advice is – don’t do it without looking over your shoulder over the last year.

If you can, look at the last nine years. It makes it seem so much more bearable and beautiful. Simply write a list of the last 9 years and fill in the blanks.

Celebrate all that you are. All that you’ve been through, the blessings, the lessons, the mess, the joy – all of it.

Write it down. Weep for it. Tap if you need to. Breathe – you must.

Place your hand on your heart and say your own letting go affirmation, mine went something like this:

“I honour all that I’ve been, all that I’ve been through, the changes, the lessons, the people I’ve loved, lost and discovered. I let it go. I am embracing a new cycle. One that honours all that I am right now. The peace inside of me, the care I want to take, the people I want to serve, the joy I want to give, the lessons I have to learn, the lessons I want to teach. To be the best mother, lover and messy human that I can be, and each day find happiness to spread in the world. I embrace the discoveries I will make as a conscious creator, a divine woman, with that bright light inside of me.”

With love from me to you, now and over the next nine years.

Who knows what we will create? The world needs us to have strong intentions more than ever before.

Kate xx

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