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“Transform your life, Transform your beliefs brings together the power of EFT with the epigentic understanding that negative beliefs formed, and held subconsciously during early childhood need to be addressed if a person is to heal from stress related issues in their life.”


Bruce H. Lipton, PhD. Best-selling author of The Biology of Belief

“It takes only one loving thought to undo an entire belief system based on fear.  Let Karl and Kate show you how.”


Robert Holden Ph.D., author of Happiness NOW and Shift Happens!

“Energy psychology is nothing less than the medicine of the future. These deceptively simple processes have the power to help you overcome the most debilitating of emotions, from grief to depression. By wedding two disciplines, this book offers a comprehensive toolkit to help reprogramme your thoughts and reclaim your life.”


Lynne McTaggart, Internationally bestselling author of The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond.

“This book is a treasure trove of guidance for anyone wanting to heal themselves from their past. With this new book, Karl Dawson and Kate Marillat provide us with invaluable exercises, insights, techniques and wisdom from, not only their own, but their practitioners’ years of experience and expertise. It deserves to be on the bedside table of anyone wanting to move forward in their lives with ease and grace.”


Sonia Choquette, New York Times best-selling author of The Answer is Simple

“So often the beliefs that control our destiny are unconscious. Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life, provides a tremendous resource for anyone who wants to learn how to gain new awareness, take their power back and live the life they choose! This book draws on the experiences of the thousands of people who have trained in this technique and the information and expertise is rich and varied. It’s a fantastic resource to come back to again and again. “


Jessica Ortner, New York Times Best Selling Author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence

“This brilliant book does exactly what it says in the title. Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life explores the big benefits of finding and fixing your unhelpful beliefs and provides readers with ample encouragement that ‘you can do it too’ with the reams of real-life case studies that are provided too.  If you believe that your beliefs are standing in the way of the realisation of optimum health, wealth and happiness in your life, then I highly recommend using the techniques shared within this transformational book.”

Sandy C. Newbigging, best-selling author of Mind Calm

“This gem of book delivers what it promises. I love the clarity that shines light into the complexity of how beliefs can hold you back. Karl and Kate’s straight talking approach uses lots of great examples to make it easy for anyone to grasp the essence of the Matrix Reimprinting technique. It’s also a great refresher and enhancer for those familiar with this work. 

This book shares how to tackle special subjects like stress, money, anxiety, grief, depression, allergies, managing pain and conscious parenting. This incredible book even deals with the ultimate life changing experience: how to face death. How to follow that? Learn how to master Positive Belief Imprinting to boost success and help you achieve whatever you want in life.”

– Arielle Essex, author of Practical Miracles

“So many people fail to understand the power of their belief systems and how it affects their lives. Reading this book will help anyone examine their perceptions of the world – and more importantly, transform them. It’s rare to find such advice and practical tools in such a simple format.”

– Donna Gates, best-selling author of The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity.

“During my work as a radio presenter I have interviewed hundreds of experts in the self-development field. Whilst interviewing Karl Dawson I found that EFT Matrix Reimprinting joined together many scientifically proven ideas I know to be true with a practical answer for personal transformation. I was so excited I decided to bring EFT Matrix Reimprinting into my own work with clients, with jaw dropping results! Now with Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life, Karl and Kate have created an easy to understand practical guide on how you can transform your life and the lives of those you love. Many complex science and psychology ideas are delivered simply including real life case studies, making this a practical book anyone can pick up and start to reap the benefits from immediately. 

WARNING! By reading this book you are joining a wave of personal transformation that is building momentum. This wave has the potential to free humanity as a whole from the unconscious beliefs holding us back from not only sorting out our own personal lives, health and unlimited potential, but also saving the entire planet from this, the new age of extinction – No pressure! I’m delighted you have found this book and I thank Kate and Karl for bringing it to life. “

  • Becky Walsh – Author, Presenter, Comedian and Life Hack Catalyst


“Wow, that was so powerful. I never dreamed I’d feel like that about him. I can forgive him mentally now and let go.” [Client talking about an abusive parent] who added later, “I found you beautifully sympathetic and understanding and I feel at peace now” YM (Traumatic memories)


“I’ve worked with Kate on and off over the last two years and EFT gives me options and hope, peace and the knowledge that I’m doing something positive for myself. In that time, I’ve managed to give a speech to 175 people and got back on track with writing after a 10 year writing block period.” CS (Writer’s block)

  • “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the EFT session on Wednesday. I have been using the picture that i made at the end if the session to visualise with my daily affirmation and meditation for birth and it is had been so helpful and useful. It was a beautiful session and I have to say I think it has hit me a few days later emotionally as today I really recalled our session and it brought lots of very happy emotions over me. I have also finally finished my birthing vision board which I am so happy with and feel really calm and focused so thank you.” KB (Childbirth)

“We are just back from honeymoon after an amazing wedding and I just wanted to say thank you SO much for the work we did together – apart from early morning nerves I felt so calm throughout the whole day and it was incredible! I really was amazed at how relaxed I was the whole day. No overwhelm at all, just lots of grounded happiness :-)” ZvB (Anxiety around wedding day nerves)

“The anxiety was 100% ruling my life when I first came to see Kate. But the anxiety is now down to about 20% and I’m so much happier and more relaxed. I used to be a glass half empty type person, but now I see the glass full! This is the first thing that’s worked in 15 years.” AD (Chronic anxiety/OCD)

“Kate has a very warm approachable style when leading EFT sessions either in group or in one to one setting. She has the ability to put you at your ease making the process feel safe. She also has a wonderful knack for capturing the essence of a difficulty and your desired changes in very clear, easy-to-remember sentences which really supports continuing the work by yourself outside of sessions.” AG (Healing past trauma)

“I wanted to say thank you for introducing me to EFT such a powerful healing process. In the past I’ve tried many different types of therapy and have found energy healing, especially EFT to be most effective as it allows me to get to the root of the issue which is always emotional. I’ve spent a lot of time talking around my issues but it wasn’t until I started working with you to clear emotional energy that real healing began. You are a talented practitioner who had the courage to face your own past and now use your empathy and intuition with great skill to support others on their journey to wholeness. You helped guide me through some very challenging memories enabling me to release the emotional trauma held there and allowing a new space for self love and acceptance to grow. Thank you for this gift.” AB (Moving forward in life & self-belief)

“I had recently re-discovered EFT and was looking for a group to practice in to make it more affordable. Kate offered a friendly and open welcome and I really enjoyed the laid back group setting of EFT as everyone brought their own ‘stuff’ and it’s a great opportunity for compassion and shared benefits in a totally confidential space. At my most recent session, I experienced something I had put to the back of my mind.  After separating from my husband the idea of being ‘alone’ in this world is a raw subject I had tried to gloss over, pretending I had dealt with it.  Through Kate’s intuition, she helped me open up to my fears and listen to those concerns in a safe and protected way.  I have found EFT to be profoundly awakening and give me strength to get through the hardest time of my life. Thank you for helping me get back on my feet and feel strength in myself!” RH (Marriage separation)

“I’ve been taking stock lately and just wanted to express my thanks to you,  for being a wonderful, supportive Matrix therapist.  A year or so ago, I had a crippling anxiety which made it difficult to socialise and even going for a cup of tea with friends was a challenge.  I now operate much easier socially, (still learning of course) have completed an EFT course and am pushing myself forward to work as a therapist myself.  I have come a long way.  You have an imaginative, gentle and intuitive approach and I appreciate all you have taught me and helped me with.” SA (Anxiety)

“I’ve been through a difficult few years with chronic illness and bereavements, resulting in depression and anxiety. Psychotherapy and CBT helped, but after hours and hours of talking, I knew I was still stuck in destructive patterns, leaving me feeling defeated and hopeless. EFT has been a turning point, releasing those unhelpful energies and giving me tools I can use whenever I need them. Kate is warm, wise and intuitive, effortlessly guiding me to locate the emotional root of my problems. I feel so safe in the sessions. I am going from strength to strength emotionally and physically and – finally – I feel excited about the future.” JG (chronic illness, depression & anxiety)

“Words cannot describe how good it feels to have finally presented! I could not have achieved it without your unbelievable coaching, support and energy. You are a blessing and I am so very grateful to you!

I amazed myself and the whole experience felt as if it was an out of body experience – truly wonderful! I feel like a changed person coming through the other side. You gave me the power and confidence to believe in myself, to overcome fear and stand up with my heart on my sleeve.” MB (Public Speaking)

Workshop Testimonials

“I really enjoyed the 2014 workshop. It was a really lovely group of women and felt relaxing too.  I feel really positive and excited and hope all your wishes are granted for 2014.” (2014 New Year Revolution Workshop)

“I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to your workshop today. Secondly, I had an amazing time, both at the workshop and leading up to and preparing for the day. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of the day, whilst at the same time getting the chance to meet and share time with some wonderful ladies. I would really love to come together again in March to review, encourage and support each other. Thank you so much, you were incredible at leading us and the whole thing felt calm, focused and meaningful on so many levels – I am so grateful for the opportunity to focus my life this year and set goals that I will achieve! My mantra is going to be ‘make things happen’ and ‘I am the captain of my soul”

(2014 New Year Revolution Workshop)

“You were very calm and professional, just the right balance between being in charge and making people feel at ease and comfortable” (2014 New Year Revolution Workshop)

Tapping Seminars – Testimonials

“ 5 Stars with bells on, brilliant, thank you so much Kate, see you soon. ” Amanda Monti on Sep 5, 2013.

“ an excellent tool for personal growth, well run workshop style exercises and Kate knows what she’s doing. Left feeling great ” nancy on Sep 6, 2013. 

“ A well-facilitated, friendly group combining relevant themes and EFT practice with self exploration. ”Ally Oliver on Oct 11, 2013.

“ Thought provoking meeting that stirred the money monster. ” Yvonne McDermott on Oct 12, 2013.

“ Lovely bunch of people – very diverse and real – it was refreshing to experience a group that was so honest, sensitive and kind. It was very skillfully facilitated so that everyone could take things on their own level where there was both a safety and a chance to explore key life issues and plumb depths I wouldn’t of dreamt were possible in two hours… Somehow I got to key feelings and issues that had held me back and I experienced a way of moving through them into a renewed hope – It felt very empowering and I am left with a sense that life again holds real hope and that one can move through what had previously seemed impossible into a place of change and renewed meaning in life. I am very impressed at how skilfully it was facilitated – in a very grounded, non – flashy way which allowed us each to engage safely in EFT steps at our own pace. The EFT Brighton Group is a place of healing and transcendence of blocks and painful experience that I wouldn’t have dreamt possible…Amazing! Really excellent course – well, it was just 2 hours but I left feeling like I’d been on a weekend course – I turned up feeling very closed and cynical and left with a spring in my step and having a lovely conversation and trip to the bus stop with the very person I’d felt repelled by even before the course had started! Covered a lot of ground in learning about the technique and practicing it and so clearing some pretty deep stuff – Moving from a place of feeling STUCK to having a renewed hope in life and that certain patterns CAN be sorted out and that I don’t need to remain in stuff from childhood and all the familiar issues. I can imagine this all sounds a bit too good to be true and may been be off putting – it could have been to the cynic in me before the course – So all I can say is if you are even slightly tempted give it a go and what’s 2hrs compared to a life time continuing playing out the old patterns – it may not solve everything but it’ll be a real start… todd arnold on Feb 12, 2014.

“Thanks Kate and everyone for such a wonderful evening. I left feeling very calm and grounded. I had a shift around my fear around money and my new business Looking forward to seeing you all again.” camilla Bergman

“Great meeting – thanks Kate and all lovely friendly attendees – I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. It was also great to pay some attention and awareness to my goals and my feelings and beliefs around them!” Rani Louise