Tap and Write #1 – Overcome Overwhelm and Be Astonishingly Focused

April 25, 2017
Kate Marillat
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Most of the people I work with don’t have a problem coming up with ideas.

Quite the opposite; they are often buzzing with them; their brains bombarded with blog posts they want (or need) to write, book ideas they get excited about over breakfast, along with a host of interesting quotes and articles they have saved to share on social media.

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about ideas being a “disembodied, energetic life-form …and they spend eternity swirling around us, searching for available and willing human partners”.

Once you’ve said YES to writing and ideas, which could be purely for fiction, or creating engaging content for your audience – your inspiration window is open.

These ‘energetic life-forms’ aka ideas know that you are open for business and can pour through that window you like a slither of sunlight on a wooden desk, whispering to you, asking you to play with them, asking you to transform them, to make them real.

I love the ideas phase. The flash of a character that appears in a dream, a new book idea scribbled furiously out on the train, a blog post that I simply must write, a hot webinar topic to share with my team.

Yet, the influx of ideas takes its toll on the mind, especially with torrent of information being zapped to us from your choice of social media.

It’s wonderful to have all these great ideas, yet, how can we be focused enough on one project to actually finish it?

How do we say YES to some ideas while kindly asking the others to wait in line?

Your billion-dollar ideas don’t show up in the heat of distraction, they show up when you make space for your creative mind to focus.

As Picasso said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

By focusing on one project, finishing it and releasing it into the world – you are saying to the universe, “hey, I’m a finisher! I can do this, please send me your best ideas. Please help me.”

It also makes you an artist/writer/author/blogger/ (insert your label of choice).

Rather than someone who is wistfully thinking about writing, or dreaming of having a successful business with content that really helps your audience.

Yes, you can FORCE yourself to work, choke down that freneticness, you can push yourself – but there are easier ways to gain clarity and focus.

This was our discussion for Tap and Write Club this week.

First we tuned into what overwhelm feels like for our current project, and I shared how to quickly tap on and clear these symptoms of what could be an underlying issue.

Then we got to work – We Tapped, We Released,  We Focused, We Wrote!

Plus I shared a few ways that I ask ideas not to give up on me, to be held in the ether, to swirl around and come back to peek through my inspiration window in a little while, when the time is right.

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ALL my best,

Kate x

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