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This is an online writing hub where we meet, set our writing intentions, breathe, tap to clear the pressure/anxiety, then we write!

If you are new to Tapping – take this strategy session first.

New to writing – no problem, just have a vague idea of what you want to write.

Come and join the group, I’m live every Tuesday at either 13:00 / 20:00 (UK).

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Need some inspiration – read below for helpful articles on how to get started.


How to write an ‘About Me’ page that gets you clients

May 19, 2017
Kate Marillat

In our thriving Tap and Write Facebook group, many of the members have asked for help with the tricky ‘About Me’ page. This is not unusual. Many of us struggle to get that ‘About Me’ page written. Faced with that…

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Get Visible – EFT Practitioners

May 13, 2017
Kate Marillat

This week in our thriving Facebook group, I posted a poll to see what you guys would like the most from me… Over 50 of you have voted so far and the top answer was that you wanted help to…

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Want to write a book? Then Blog first

  “All the industry leaders have a book” “A book shows you are an expert – you want to be an expert, write a book.” “A book will get you clients” “Your book is your business card” I bet you’ve…

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Tap and Write #1 – Overcome Overwhelm and Be Astonishingly Focused

April 25, 2017
Kate Marillat

Most of the people I work with don’t have a problem coming up with ideas. Quite the opposite; they are often buzzing with them; their brains bombarded with blog posts they want (or need) to write, book ideas they get…

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Tap and Write Club – February 2017

Hello Writers, Lovely to have our first Tap and Write club session this week. Such a variety of projects from writing a baby-blessing ceremony, blog articles, short stories and creative writing We got straight into it, albeit with a little chat about the…

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Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 13.47.10

Collective Tapping for Women

As I sit in a cafe overlooking the sea, warmly dressed in a pink hoodie, feeling content after yoga where I found release in a headstand. I am preparing for our group tapping session tonight on Women and read an…

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Tap and Write January 2017 – Set Strong Intentions

January 11, 2017
Kate Marillat

Hello Writers, Lovely to tap and write with so many of you yesterday. Such a variety of projects from novels, websites, to articles and the brainstorming of new books. We spent some time journalling about the blessings and lessons of 2017 and then…

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Intentions for a Nine Year Cycle

January 5, 2017
Kate Marillat

It’s the 5th of January but it feels like new year’s day to me. In fact I’ve got a suspicion that I might feel this way for a while. You may have had lots of Happy New Year emails already over…

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Free Your Inner Writer

November 28, 2016
Kate Marillat

You think all that your project needs is a slight edit? Sometimes that’s the case. Other times, like this one – it’s not. I wanted to edit my Creativity Workbook. I did it all back to front. I hired someone…

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EU Referendum Tapping

June 24, 2016
Kate Marillat

Today we had the result of the referendum in the UK. I spent the morning in tears, dissecting the result, reading the news, discussing it, and drowning in the field of fear. Confused, worried, scared and angry. It wasn’t the…

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