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Tapping in Groups is Important

Here’s why…

The synchronicity, the high energy, the collective healing, the power of group intention and being able to share EFT/Tapping so that more people can begin to use it themselves.

Not to mention, a low-cost way for people to learn and try tapping in a safe space.

It’s how I was introduced to EFT, eventually running local groups and how I gained confidence as a practitioner and a facilitator…which ultimately led to me co-authoring a best-selling Hay House book, Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life with Karl Dawson.

I’ve held generic local EFT groups, themed workshops, practitioner swap groups, monthly online tapping sessions and global webinars holding the space for up to 600 people.

Plus I ran a 2 year online global healing project, Matrix Collective Consciousness (MCC) that had over 300 members and met every month to work on themes such as global warming, self-love, ‘mother’ issues, homelessness and many more.

We have raised over £1,600 for Tapping Charities across the world.

For EFTMRA practitioners, we now have the EFTMRA online swap circle  where we often have an MCC exercise after we’ve done our swaps.

If you are interested in the Matrix Collective Consciousness, please sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of this page and also my Facebook page as I’ll be releasing past recordings and also scheduling new live sessions as part of The Tapping Collective.

I realised that I can’t run enough groups for the world (!) and have run a very successful week immersion called Design, Create and Lovingly Launch Your EFT Group  which comes under The Tapping Collective..if you want to find a group near you, or perhaps start one for a subject you are passionate about – then see the buttons below.

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Would you like to run a Tapping Group?

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There are so many types of EFT Groups: Local monthly meetings, global online webinars, practitioner swaps, Ambassador days and niche groups in schools, hospitals and charities.

Not to forget specialised groups on subjects such as writing, abundance, self-care, and healing the planet.

There is no right way to run a group, whether it is on or offline.

There is no one-size-fits-all.

If you want to hold a group space for people to try, use or learn EFT, then you can.

And you can do it your way.

You have to find your own ‘WHY’ and ‘WHO’ you want to connect with – whether that’s a group for school children, cancer patients, an Ambassador workshop demonstrating EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, or perhaps online global sessions for specific fears like driving, exams, or spiders.

Twice a year I hold a 5 week collective journey for EFT Practitioners to Design, Create and Lovingly Launch Your own EFT Group, this is part of The Tapping Collective.

You can read and sign up here for the next immersion beginning on March 7th 2019. 

In the meantime, if you want to get started, here’s a free training on how to set up an EFT Group