Tapping audio for when you don’t feel good enough

July 9, 2015
Kate Marillat
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What a brilliant Blogging Power Hour we had this morning.

It was full of resistance, fear, the old ‘not-good-enough’ belief. We even had tears and big energy shifts so that people were able to move from fearing the blank page to celebrating their creativity and getting into flow.

One of our bloggers said that she wrote 560 words this week, 100 more than last week. That it’s getting easier every time she faces the page.

Here is the 15 minute tapping part of the hour where we focussed in on our blocks and I lead group tapping to clear them down and  get people excited to write.

I can’t express how much I love being part of this!

So, if you have a blogging idea, write it down at the top of the piece of paper/screen. Then listen to this audio to tune in to how you feel about writing and let me help you dissolve any resistance so you are ready to go. 

Enjoy x

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