Tapping Audio – For resistance

July 2, 2015
Kate Marillat
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Face the page, feel the resistance and get into flow

This extract is taken from The Blogging Power Hour on 2nd July 2015.

Everyone on the call felt ‘blocked’ ‘resistant’ and ‘uninspired’ to get writing the beginning of the blog post. We were about to embark on a ten minute exercise to pen the beginning of the blog post. We had a prompt or a working title to get going on. Thank goodness it is a Tapping hour, this is the only (pleasurable) way I know to get through that block with ease and joy. No procrastination here thank-you-very-much!

If you are feeling a resistant to getting into creative flow and want to feel inspired instead, then listen to this 10 minute tap-along and who knows what might pour out afterwards.

*Click Here for the Recording*

Come and join me for the next Blogging Power Hour and be amazed at how productive you can be.

With love,