How do you make writing a ‘top-ten-tips’ post EASY? With Tapping of course…

Hey gorgeous one,

Have you ever wanted to write a blog post that helps people? The easiest way to do this is to offer some tips on a subject you know and care (!) about.

This was the task for the Blogging Power Hour this morning and, perhaps like you, there was some worries about ‘what to write?’ ‘Do I even know 10 tips on this subject?’ and the usual resistance and anxiety about facing the blank page.

Tapping will make this much much easier. My favourite mantra is ‘Connect, Flow, Create!’

Simply pick a subject you feel passionate about and listen to this short audio (5 minutes). It will help tap yourself into creative flow where a brainstorm of tips will soon fill the page.

After you’ve got your tips, then set a timer to write the blurb for each one.

We did this as a group this morning and I was delighted to receive the comments saying that one lady ‘had 20 tips’ another had ‘3 subjects completely mapped out’. By the end of the call, they had at least 7 tips drafted and a deadline of when they wanted to finish their blog post – and more importantly finish it.

Here’s the link for the audio:

Join us next week for a Blogging Power Hour focussed on Finishing A Blog Post!

With much love and creative flow

Kate x

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