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Blogging From The Heart

– A 70 minute webinar

This interactive webinar between Success Coach, Susie Shelmerdine and I gives you both an audio and powerpoint presentation to work along with:

In 70 minutes I draw on my years of experience as a professional blogger and digital copywriter and condense it down so I can 

  • Take you through the basics of Blogging from the Heart
  • How you can ‘SERVE’ people through your blogs
  • How to connect in to your true  writing voice & what ideas matter to your audience
  • KEY questions to ask yourself in a sacred space

-Repurposing your content

  • Being Authentic in Your Approach so that people connect to your words and work
  • Easy ways to ensure you Never run out of ideas
  • Make blogging easy – Top Tips for Layout and Reader Digestibility 
  • How to use EFT to Get To Your Desk – even when you don’t feel like it!
  • My 3 strategies to write quickly and with purpose
  • Where to get Free photos for your blog articles

Only $27 for the FULL 70 minute class which is packed full of information, book recommendations, websites and secret ways that the professionals use to ensure a steady flow of blog ideas, readability and shareablility. 

If you are thinking about Blogging and know about EFT &  Matrix Reimprinting, this is the webinar for you – Connect In, think about who you are going to serve along with How to get to the Desk & Ensure People Love What you’ve got to say!


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