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Personal Sessions – EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

Due to being a mindful Mama of two adorable boys, I only have a limited amount of slots available, which fill up quickly. However do get in touch and I’ll either put you on the waiting list or refer you to another practitioner who I feel would be a good fit for you.

What you can expect from our session:

In our session together we will work with your subconscious mind whilst simultaneously releasing negative energy that’s stored in your body through EFT.

I am an expert belief detective and we will trace it back to the core event and transform it.

When you release this energy and imprint a new positive belief, you will experience an emotional shift. You feel differently, you’ll have a different perspective and gain a sense of peace or ease about the problem that you walked through the door with.

Here are some of what my clients have said about our sessions together:

I’ve been through a difficult few years with chronic illness and bereavements, resulting in depression and anxiety. Psychotherapy and CBT helped, but after hours and hours of talking, I knew I was still stuck in destructive patterns, leaving me feeling defeated and hopeless. EFT has been a turning point, releasing those unhelpful energies and giving me tools I can use whenever I need them. Kate is warm, wise and intuitive, effortlessly guiding me to locate the emotional root of my problems. I feel so safe in the sessions. I am going from strength to strength emotionally and physically and – finally – I feel excited about the future.”

After having numerous sessions with psychologists and hitting a dead end with therapy I was keen to try EFT and spend more time processing traumas than I had been. Talk therapy I felt was a waste of money and psychologists spent a good 40-50% of the time talking – my progress was slow. Kate offered just what I needed: She is an excellent listener, offers an empathetic service and was someone I could open up to. Also something that set Kate apart was that she understands what it takes to take the journey of self -improvement. Her communication and between sessions support is faultless and she’s adept at identifying and working through traumas. I have seen some important, life changing shifts whilst I’ve worked with Kate and will be forever grateful for her help through this period of my life.

“I’ve worked with Kate on and off over the last two years and EFT gives me options and hope, peace and the knowledge that I’m doing something positive for myself. In that time, I’ve managed to give a speech to 175 people and got back on track with writing after a 10 year writing block period.” 

“Words cannot describe how good it feels to have finally presented! I could not have achieved it without your unbelievable coaching, support and energy. You are a blessing and I am so very grateful to you! I amazed myself and the whole experience felt as if it was an out of body experience – truly wonderful! I feel like a changed person coming through the other side. You gave me the power and confidence to believe in myself, to overcome fear and stand up with my heart on my sleeve.”

“I’ve been taking stock lately and just wanted to express my thanks to you, for being a wonderful, supportive Matrix therapist.  A year or so ago, I had a crippling anxiety which made it difficult to socialise and even going for a cup of tea with friends was a challenge.  I now operate much easier socially, (still learning of course) have completed an EFT course and am pushing myself forward to work as a therapist myself.  I have come a long way.  You have an imaginative, gentle and intuitive approach and I appreciate all you have taught me and helped me with.”


I love this work, of expertly guiding people through the streams of their beliefs, helping them open the sails and building new ships to effortlessly navigate where they want to get to in life.

We need as MUCH help as possible to tune ourselves up, after all a ship builder wouldn’t just have one tool to create a ship, he’d have a whole boatyard full. You, my dear soul, are far more precious than a ship.

Find out more and book a Discovery Session to find out how I could help you.