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In our sessions together we will work with your subconscious mind whilst simultaneously releasing negative energy that’s stored in your body. We do this through using Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting.

When you release the energy that’s been keeping you stuck and imprint a new positive belief, you will experience an emotional shift. You feel differently, you’ll have a different perspective and gain a sense of peace or ease about the problem that you walked through the door with.

I offer three packages on each of the following areas below which correspond to the themed chapter in the bestselling book. Just click on your area of interest or email me at katemarillat@gmail.com to discuss how I can help.

Shine The Light 

  • 3 sessions
  • One month commitment
  • £325 –  You pay the first session fee of £125 and then the remaining £200. You also have the option of paying two instalments of £100

Deep Change

  • 6 sessions
  • 2 month commitment
  • Access to specially selected Tapping Audios will be shared with you
  • £675 – You pay the first session fee of £125 and then the remaining £550. You also have the option of paying two instalments of £275

Transform Your Life Power Sessions

  • This is a 4 hour intensely focussed session (usually 10-2pm)
  • A copy of my book – Transform Your Life, Transform Your Beliefs
  • Creative worksheets for use after the session
  • Two bespoke audios made for you using the words you use in the session
  • A Tapping Map (outlining what to tap on after the session)
  • Unlimited email support for a month
  • £775 – payable in full at time of booking 

Click on the area that you are interested in to see how we can work together.

Not sure what’s best for you? Book a Discovery Session with me. It’s a free 20 minute Skype call where I can help you decide what is best for you.

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