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If you are new to EFT or Matrix Reimprinting and aren’t sure how this therapy can help you, then I firstly encourage you to read our book, Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life.
Even if you are familiar with the techniques I use, please read this book anyway as it will give you a good grounding of how we can work together to help you move forward.
In our sessions we will work through past events and trauma whilst simultaneously releasing negative energy that’s stored in your body.
When you release the energy that’s been keeping you stuck and imprint a new positive belief, you will experience an emotional shift.
You’ll feel differently, you’ll have a different perspective and gain a sense of peace or ease about the problem that you walked through the door with.
Saying that, I’m not the right fit for everyone. Luckily within our community we have over 5,000 practitioners worldwide who niche in various areas such as depression, addiction, phobias, allergies, serious disease amongst others.
As you can see below, I work predominately with females, in three main areas; Creativity, Motherhood and Stress & Anxiety.
I help people make peace with their fears and focus on their goals.
This is deep, transformational work that requires commitment from you.
The first step is to send me an email ( outlining what you need help with and I’ll either have a 10 minute chat with you, or I’ll email you with the details of another practitioner who I think would be better suited to your needs.
It’s not so much about my niche, but more about how we fit together, that we make a road map to help you move forward in life.
Please click the area that is of most interest to you and we will take it from there.

Not sure? Book A Discovery Session

Not sure what’s best for you? Book a Discovery Session with me. It’s a free 20 minute Skype call where I can help you decide what is best for you.

If you are a past client, do contact me to see how we can tailor a package to suit you.

Email me at or use the contact form